Private Coaching

I believe in women feeling fit, free, and sexy!.

You've come along way, baby!

It's cliché but it's true!  I include myself in the generation of women that doesn't have to worry about equal rights and most of us women, would mock the idea that we don't have a voice, but as women have become equal with their masculine counterpart, we may have quieted that voice that is truly our special feminine gift.  We need to take care of these gifts with individual care.  How, you ask?  

I believe that connecting back into our feminine power, our intuition, and our true desires, allows us our full expression of wellness.  Being FIT allows us to be strong, trust our bodies and feel empowered.  This means finding the movement that honors the rhythm of your body.  There's many ways to be fit and it doesn't have to be the way that you sister, mother, or best friend achieves it.  It certainly doesn't have to be hours on the treadmill--does anyone dig that?!   Maybe you like dancing the tango, salsa, and you feel sensual doing so.  Maybe boxing or strength training allows you to feel strong and fierce!  Being FIT also allows us to manage our weight, emotions, and stress.  Variety does spice up your life and mixing up how you exercise can be more sustainable and effective and also allows you to be able to explore where your feminine power truly is.  Physical strength for women begets emotional strength.  We feel more capable in our everyday life and it even provides anti-aging techniques.  Who doesn't want that?!

Freedom to be who you are is the huge bonus in being YOU!  It's the genes you were dealt and easily manifested in the jeans that make you feel best!  We do not need to live the life that keeps us caring for others at the risk of our own health.  Yes, as women, we care take, but who is taking care of you, if not YOU?  We live in a country that allows us many freedoms and often, we trap ourselves with our belief systems, limiting thoughts, and playing small.  Is your soul crying out for more?   

What makes your heart soar?!  What have you been dreaming of that you push off to a later day or time in the future.  What have you been aching to do and are ready to do NOW?! I want to help you nurture and feed that dream now.  

A desire is the little thought that floats through your mind, lights you up, makes you laugh or smile.  This is specific rhythm and flow of YOU deserves to be honored.  It's a gift from the universe, spirit or higher power to wake you up and begin LIVING! 


What if you could...

  • Be the woman who OWNS her desires and empowers her day!

  • Let go of the feelings of fear, overwhelm, and doubt and replace them with Confidence, Empowerment, and Sexuality!

  • Use intuitive guidance to become clear on your dreams and be willing to GO for them!.

  • Feel productive and successful in ALL areas of your life.

  • Scrape away the limiting beliefs and self doubt that keep you stuck.

  • Uncover your juicy creative desires: music, dance, or writing.

  • Unlock your feminine desire and get your sexy back.

  • Create balance of your own needs even if the face of others needs.

  • Connect to your intuition to discover what foods nourish or derail you.  

  • Carve in soul empowering and heart opening activities to EVERY day.

  • Identify emotional patterns; shift those that no longer serve and free up space for those that do.  

  • Improve self care to allow for increased sleep, energy, and fitness.

  • Give up settling and start saying YES to all you wish for. 

If you are willing to...

  • Move your body in ways that excites you!

  • Try foods that nourish and heal your body.

  • Be BRAVER than you have ever been.

  • Invest in yourself FIRST before you give away your energy.

  • Empower yourself as the woman you were meant to be. 

  • Refuse to settle anymore in your life and start saying YES to your desires.  

  • Become a confident, assertive, and sexy woman.

...then this coaching is for you. 


Areas to Nourish...

Coaching is all about YOU.  It's unique and personalized, but these are some of the common areas covered.  


  • Tap into your own intuitive force.

  • Choose how you want to show up in the world.

  • Bring awareness to your daily mood patterns.

  • Improve your sleep.

  • Learn to preserve your brain health.

  • Improve your mindfulness behaviors.


  • Discover which movement makes YOU feel sexy and connected to yourself.

  • Discover the gift of movement for emotion and health.

  • Discover how being fit can be fun and freeing.

  • Tap into your fitness cravings.

  • Determine your fitness goals.

  • Banish mood busting behaviors.

Self love

  • Self empowerment and acceptance.

  • Becoming an intuitive power-house.

  • Begin to accept value and love from others.

  • Develop your feminine power and wisdom.

  • Tap into your own sexuality and have better sex.

  • Create boundaries for time management and relationships.

  • Mitigate stress in your life.



  • Discover foods that are powerful and nourishing to your own body.

  • Identify foods that improve or bust your mood.

  • Recipes and food plans for a high powered day.

  • Learn to practice mindful eating.

  • Choosing foods to equal: fitness, freedom, and sexiness.

  • Cooking and creating food that is fun and fabulous for your body.

Looking for bite size wellness? 

Try the appetizer coaching!  

1:1 weekly coaching calls PLUS a Facebook community to facilitate support and accountability.   4 weeks to make sustainable changes in health, mood, and overall energy and release weight and fatigue.  Begin to use food as medicine, change dietary habits, and eliminate self sabotage.


Intimate and Committed for Lasting Change?

1:1 Private Coaching Program Available


Prefer a payment plan? 


Want to make sure that this VIP program is the right choice for you? Book a complimentary clarity call to get all of your burning questions answered!

Who is this program for?

  • The woman who is ready to make changes and up level her life.

  • The woman who has decided change is now and feels it's more painful NOT to make the changes.

  • The woman who is successful in all areas of her life except the one that counts most, her SELF.

  • The woman who is wants to dream BIG!

  • The woman who wants to release the fear and self doubt to step into a beautiful, confident life!

  • The woman who wants to unlock her feminine power and wisdom.

  • The woman who is invested to put some work into ripping off band-aid from the comfort zone and step into JOY based living.

What's Included

During our first session, we complete a "Get to Know You" packet and you'll have the opportunity to talk about where you have been and the woman you see yourself becoming. 

  • Goal and intention setting. Finding your "why"; the reason you are investing in yourself.

  • Specific nutritional and fitness guidance for your individual needs.

  • Daily accountability and immersion to make the shifts stick.

  • Email response within 24 hours.

  • Access to pharmaceutical grade supplements to assist with energy, weight loss, and overall health.

  • Intuitive guidance and learning to follow your own intuitive wisdom.

  • Weekly coaching sessions to help you hone in your desires and get to the heart of your matter.

  • Loving pressure to move outside your comfort zone and battle the bullshit factor.

Why Me?

If you are feeling like you need just a little bit more direction to decide if this is the coaching program for YOU. let me help you clarify!  I LOVE talking with any woman who wants to take control of her health and make a difference. only you have the right answers for yourself and relieving the HAMSTER wheel of questions only takes a few minutes. so don't hesitate.  It's super easy! 

What happens next?

This is for YOU!!  You can't wait to get started!!  Fantastic!  Let's get really clear on your vision!  Please, click the link below.  It will take you to a calendar to book our first session together.  Secondly, you'll be sent a questionnaire that will jump start our journey into the power house woman you are becoming.  

I understand that by signing up for and purchasing a VIP Intimate coaching package that I am agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, that all sales are final and no refunds will be provided. 



Your health is your greatest wealth!

Would you like to add supplements to your package?  I've got you covered!  Nutrition at a cellular level will ensure health for those moments you that you can't be part of.  Clicking here will lead you to my page to fill in the gaps of your nutrition.  The best way for me to guide you is reaching out directly to me @ Kellyann Ahern.



Morning Gratitude Audios:  Access to audios to guide you through a mindful gratitude session to frame and start your day.

 Recipes: Access to supplements and nutritional support to nourish and treat your body like the temple it is. 

Move With Me:  Exercise Challenges that will help add in exercise in small ways to your day.

Community:  Access to personalized Facebook community to support and inspire.

Expertise:  My background in health affords me relationships and connections to clinician's & physicians of nutrition, mental health, and women's health to provide increased opportunity for meeting your needs.