Emotional Resiliency v. The Universe

Does anyone notice, when you start to get close to what you really, really, desire the universe throws you a curveball.  That when you put on your game face, things start to get a little shaky?  A new financial burden comes up, time slips away, a relationship falters!  It feels so daunting!  Like, come on man, I'm ready to play!  I think this is a beautiful time to begin emotional resiliency.  

It's easy to feel overwhelmed, or to repeat an emotional pattern of feeling, "why me"?  Also, to feel you don't have the resources to handle this situation.  Which is the scariest reality of them all.  I believe it's a version of the universe testing us.  I don't think there's anyone up there, laughing, pointing, and really getting excited about watching us squirm.  But I do feel like it's an opportunity to rise to the challenge and prove to ourselves we really want it!  Prove we can remain in abundant thinking even when we are dipping low into our funds.  Prove we can be loving and measured when we feel angry towards our partner.  Prove to ourself that we can rely on ourself to be trusted even when we have attracted a situation that didn't work out the way we wanted to. 
We are the only ones we have at the end of the day.  We create our experiences and we need to remind ourselves how to be resilient to keep going and to keep nourishing ourselves.  Being lovingkind is a wonderful place to start.  It allows us to accept what has occurred and to get up again and start the day fresh, without any feelings of failure and negative self talk.  Celebrate your wins today and allow yourself to be nourished, it opens the pathway to move forward!  


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