Do Less, Be More

Often we compel ourselves to GO, GO, GO.  Our cultural messages come at us with blinding speeds.  Want proof?  Watch some muted tv commercials and notice how fast they buzz by.  Stimulation overload!  We wonder why the influx of ADHD is so prevalent.  We have literally trained our bodies to not be comfortable sitting still or in silence.  

However, slowing down and going within is the reboot equivalent.  "Unplug".  I don't know what we called this prior to information overload era's.  Maybe, "Sunday"?

Conscious rebooting is NOT dazed out in front of Netflix for hours and NOT distracting yourself with your favorite bottle of alcohol.  What does your BODY crave?  Yoga, boxing, walking the beach, bike riding through a tree laced park?  

What does your MIND crave?  Meditation?  Therapy,?  Releasing your thoughts in a productive, healing way or talking with your best girlfriend is by far more therapeutic than scrolling through Facebook feed.  (Everything has its place but it doesn't serve as a reboot.)  Paying attention to how you feel after these activities is the best way to know what really FILLS you up.  

Sometime, despite what our culture tells us, we need to take breaks.  We become productive, clear, and infused with the PASSION REQUIRED TO SET LIFE ON FIRE!

Recently, I took this break and in doing so gained clarity in my dreams.  Sometimes our biggest fears represent our biggest dreams.  Taking a mini-sabbatical allowed me to regroup, reframe, and create content that is actually for the woman I want to connect with.  

How will a conscious reboot lead you from your greatest fears to your biggest dreams?

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