Comfort zones are necessary.  Your brain wants to do less work as often as it can.  It's a brilliant survival skill.  Can you blame it?  Comfort also elicits the emotion of joy through nostalgia, reminiscing, and contentment.

But how does it keep you SMALL?  How does muting your voice keep you stuck and disconnected from your own desires?  Our body, our soul, knows our TRUTH.  When we silence our truth, we disconnect from our greatest source of knowledge, our body.  On the contrary, letting it out, whatever the cost, sets you free.  Consequences or results should not hold us back from setting our soul free and creating our biggest DESIRES, yet it does.

Often in business, the message is, "if you are speaking to everyone, you are speaking to no one".  This is the same for all areas of your life.  By attempting to please everyone, be pleasing to everyone, have a version of yourself without rough edges and that everyone can appeal to keeps your truth numb.  

Recently, I walked a line appealing to be a version of myself that was likeable, endearing to all so that I didn't face rejection.  Who did that serve?  Certainly not me and not the others I attempted to connect with.  This was not a lie I propagated but merely once I learned more information, I held onto the old version that felt so right in the beginning.  I didn't allow myself to hear my truth and let go.  I didn't allow myself to ascend into this new version of my truth.  Why?  Because letting go and becoming more can be SO scary.  There's a loss that travels with it but also a freedom.  We tend to focus on the negative, it's our brains way to protect us.  But forcing this version of the girl I so wanted to be and hold onto what I thought I so wanted to have, thwarted all. 

Shedding, cutting the cord, ripping off the band-aid provided a freedom I didn't expect!   I felt extremely clear stepping into ME and strong knowing I was in my truth.  It turned out to be "enough" . Also, my raw uncovered truth was a more beautiful gift then the pretty, well wrapped image of the truth I tried to portray.  

Where can you be more clear in your life?  What truth are you unwilling to face?  Be courageous enough to cut the cords and move forward where it doesn't serve YOU.  

The truth is scary.  Rejection is scary.  But being disconnected to yourself causes far worse pain.  It can cause lasting, insidious pain, and wounds that can only be minimized by time.  When we let someone else make decisions for our own heart and soul, that we know is true, it hurts so much more.  We lose our own power, conversely, taking the reigns empowers yourself to be the best version.  We teach self to rely on the inside and also create new pathways in our brain (neural pathways) that feel  like the best comfort zone ever.     


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