Climbing too far out on the edge of the tree limb, you may fall.  Staying too close to the trunk and you eliminate all risk and growth.  Allowing yourself to stay comfortable feels good yet eventually stagnation takes over.. Dis-ease.  How do we know where balance is when we want something and have been told to motivate, push, persevere?! 

There are steps to getting to where you need.  Look at how you do one thing, because it's how you do all things.  I have always been slow to warm up.  I test the water and move in at my own pace.   Maybe it's because I am the astrological sign in Cancer, the crab.  Maybe it's because I am an old soul, cautious and strategical.  

Whatever it is.  It doesn't mean I never get out past the dock, it means I never, ever, run off the dock and canon ball into the water.  Theoretically or literally.  So, this time shouldn't have been any different, yet for many reasons outside of self, I thought, "maybe".

I thought changing my entire life, giving up my nursing career, my friends and family and moving to a brand new city to being an on-line wellness coaching career would be quick and painless.

For many reasons and a few misguided teachings I didn't prepare for the grief that rose up after leaving a world I knew very well.  I didn't prepare for HOW I wanted to make friends.  I didn't know exactly how different the online world is and how putting yourself out there in the intertubes actually effects emphathic people energetically.   Yes, I wondered what was wrong with me and yes, I took action to sort through all these feelings. 

I don't regret one moment of this journey.  Had I over thought and worried about every little step, who knows where I would be.  Even the dark days prove to be much more fulfilling than the life I was living.  Fatigued, suppressed, overweight and soul-fully undernourished.   Yet, finding some tips to navigate it were definitely in order.  I've taken a new approach.   Try these if you feel like you need a shift.  


  • Asking our body's intuition is huge.  Ask yourself, Is my body craving movement or rest. Listening within instead of routinely following habits.  Walking when you need to.  Resting when you need to.
  • Putting limits on self.  Sit down and distract for a bit with Netflix but don't do it all night or all day.  Take time to tap into how you are feeling before your feelings take over your mood. 
  • Sleep.  Being tired and fatigued doesn't support any part of our body.  Resisting sleep is the root of other emotional upsets.  
  • Download Positivity.  Listen to a podcast, surround yourself with music, find the gratitude in the little things that you didn't have to think about.  Your breath, your health, your bed, your clothed. 

We are all here for a reason.  Lessons provide steps to grow from.  If you are struggling with a new challenge or an emotion you'd like to shift  too, email me.  Find me on Facebook. I am here to help and support.